May 3, 2020

Putting the Jetstream XT through its paces

We took a day out putting the Jetstream 2020 through its paces in extreme terrain and were left in absolute awe with its performance!
April 4, 2020

A Letter by Steve fox

"Dear Sir. I write regarding the letter about teardrop trailers in the February edition of Caravan & Outdoor Life. I am now 64 years old and have had a Jetstream...
February 6, 2020

Building Jetstreams for Fair Game farmers

In 2014 we were very proud to supply Fair Game Farmers and the Landmark Leopard Foundation with...
February 5, 2020

Doris, our first love.

Meet Doris, our well beloved, very first Jetstream Trailer ever built. Her owner, William Matthews, tells us they’ve so far visited 38 Music Festivals
June 14, 2019


Very close to our hearts is the Freedom Ride Powerbreed Rescue Organization. We've seen first-hand the absolute dedication and hard work they...
May 5, 2019

Dashy for Splashy

We received this message from the Day family during their recent road trip. "Camping at Golden Gate after Splashy Fen. 1 º Celcius last night and warm as toast".
May 7, 2018

Wheelchair friendly

Did you know that when Jetstream Trailers was still on the drawing board all those years ago,  we insisted that the doors are wide enough and at the right height...
September 5, 2017


May 5, 2017

Meeting Author Fikile Hlatshwayo

We were blown away with Author Fikile Hlatshwayo's passion for life and camping when she visited us recently. In her book "Blacks DO Caravan",