Vlerksleep and Vreesloos
January 9, 2021
Predator Friendly Farming
May 4, 2021


2021 has seen a very busy manufacturing schedule and Shellakabooky was one the first units to leave the factory.  We have to admit to a feeling a little sad each time one is handed over to it’s new owners, especially as each build is unique and named.

SPECIFICATIONS:  Full Jetstream XT Deluxe


Expedition Rack (fitted to Roof Rack) 1
2 Awnings with an extended dropdown sheet
Zip-on Sidewalls to one Awning
Privacy Door Screens
Reading lights installed in Cabin
2 Custom Fibreglass Side-Table
Powdercoated Nosecone Rack
Charger cable connector for the Landrover
Nespresso Coffee Machine
220V Waterproof External Supply