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February 7, 2020
Putting the Jetstream XT through its paces
May 3, 2020

A letter by Steve Fox

“Dear Sir. I write regarding the letter about teardrop trailers in the February edition of Caravan & Outdoor Life.

I am now 64 years old and have had a Jetstream Teardrop for more than four years. I have travelled extensively in it and never found it wanting. I’ve been to Botswana and Namibia several times, with the longest trip being just over three weeks.

I don’t view my “Foxy” (each one gets a nickname of the buyer’s choice) as a weekender at all! I do have a large bow gazebo just like the one you used on your trip, but I have the three sides so I can block off and have privacy if needed. I’ve also added a tow hitch for a small inflatable boat or trailer and inside net doors to both sides. I love it because it’s just like having the tent feel with the luxury of the double bed. I can’t sleep with the doors closed.

I am no muscle man, but I have found Foxy to be very easy to move around and get into position exactly where I want it to be, even when alone. Hooking up to a vehicle is a dream. I normally use my Nissan NP200 bakkie; it tows very easily and my fuel consumption hovers between 12.5 and 13.5l/100km. Cruising at 120km/h is no problem if you’re in a hurry.

The outdoor kitchen is not a problem, if you put the caravan inside the gazebo as opposed to alongside it.

I have had bigger caravans, including an Exclusive, but the teardrop is used at least once a month and gives me all the experience I like of being outdoors very comfortably. So my response to the initial question is: Go for it! I have recently acquired a second-hand mobile home with a view of going on the road permanently in the near future, and sadly, Foxy may have to go.

However, I’m still considering her, as she has great sentimental value to me and we’ve been far and wide together! Perhaps I will end up towing her as a second bedroom! Thank you for a great magazine, keep up the good work!”

– Steve Fox